Raven Spirit Board

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Summon the spirits soaring above your eyeline, floating in the aether just beyond the veil in the skyline. Speak to the souls of the dearly departed & beyond the doorway of death, diving answers unspoken. This Raven spirit board, is poured from a limited edition Edgar Allen Poe inspired mold, illustrated utilizing color shifting, magick micas, & lined in metal flake acrylic paints, before being backed in a spiral of samurai black design, to hold the spirits within, after all what good is a ouija board without a window into the void. If no one informed you, that’s the game you’re playing when you approach this toy. This Spirit board includes a matching planchette, complete with a window in fact, as well as a double sided, color shifting stand. In case you doubt it’s the planchette moving on its own unguided by human hands.