Combustion Cathedral

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Our combustion cathedral conjuring is an opening architectural model, lined in the finest bronze & gun metal, metallic acrylics, courtesy of the creative minds at culture hustle paints in the uk, & the interior abyss like walls, are shaded in the blackest black paint the world has ever seen, absorbing 99% of all natural light it comes in contact with. The solid gold sacristy, & silver window detailing, is a shining example of the values of modern christianity, while the catacomb lined skeletal remains foundation, of this conjuring recalls the origins of how christianity gained so much global influence. You guessed it Tyranny, & colonization. The entirety of this sacrilegious iconography is lit with 8 individually wired l.e.d. Lights, hidden within bell towers, & 3D printed flickering flames racing down each side of this house of worship.