Blue Stone Saxon Rune Set

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Entreat with the Gods & divine your fate, speaking across aeons of time & space, with this modern ritual tool for a more eclectic age, Embrace the mystery & History of Dark Age Briton & Druid Craft with this magick, blue stone Rune Set, with ingredients sourced directly from the same quarries used in the building of Stonehenge, hidden within the welsh countryside. These Sacred stones were collected by broom flying hedge witches in canada & tumbled into a necklace radiating with ancient energy, before our coven sourced, cut & shattered the perfect beads into chips & shards only to reunite them in craft art resin & line these offerings in pure gold acrylic to better carry their sacred scattered energy, into ethereal divination readings. Also of note this is an early english rune set so there are 36 runes for you to clarify or question your divine interpretations.