Serpent Spirit Board

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Summon Restless Spirits, speak with the dead, or peak beyond the veil, & walk the spirit road complete with your own personal Serpent Spirit Guide, eternally bound within our Full sized 15 inch Serpent Spirit Board. Poured over Imbolc, in crystal clear art resin, This Spirit board is composed of over 160 individual Western Diamond Back Rattlesnake bones. Articulated from 5 skeletons, ethically sourced, from small west coast farms, over the course of 6 months.  Dyed in Poisonous Hemlock Bark, backed in potent Glow in the Dark Art Resin, & lined & lettered during the 2/22/22 celestial portal, utilizing the Blackest Black Acrylic the world has ever known, the detail work alone absorbs over 99.7% of all visible light, sending your seance questions into the darkness beyond death. This truly 1 of a kind spirit board is both Beautiful & terrifying to behold. Combined with our Serpent’s Fang planchette to direct your messages through hollow fangs lining the viewer this Seance Tool captures the full terror of stepping into an unknown snake den. Our Serpent Spirit Board also ships with a Snake green, swirled, spirit alcohol ink, display stand, & 5 miniature Uv, black light keychains just in case you find anyone brave enough to  actually play games with this Ouija Board.